Why investing in children’s portraits are so important

There has been a study done by Tulane university during 1975 in America where by children were given Polaroid cameras and advised to take a photo of themselves a day with assigned poses, emotions and expressions for 5 weeks and were given scrapbooks to create from the images they had taken. The evidence collected by the team found that 37% of the children’s self esteem had risen during the project.

As parents we want to do the best for our children and raise healthy and happy children but we may not realize the huge powerful impact that having professional imagery of your children printed and how it can increase a child’s confidence and worth.

Having a good and updated family photograph hanging up on your wall in your family home will re-enforce your child’s vision of your family unit creating security and reminding they are a valued member of your family and where they belong.

Dr Krauss from Cleveland, Ohio, USA is a licenced physiologist and he created “Photo therapy and mental health” in 1988 which explains the foundation of  photography in therapy, he believes that children understand this on such a simple level, I am loved and important when you have a large portrait of them up in your home. He believes that their portraits should also be in their bedroom so it’s the last thing they see at night and first thing they wake up to, emphasizing the importance and value of themselves.

In today’s highly technology world, it has become popular to buy “digital files” from photographers, however the experts stress about the importance of buying good old fashioned framed prints and canvases that are ready to hang from the photographers and not USB or CD that is most likely put in a draw as the impact on devices is not half as strong in boosting your child emotional well being. Having photos on display thought the house is a constant daily reminder without the need of charging or turning on devices, it serves in teaching your child that they are the first in the pecking order and not technology.

There is so much simulation of the brain with sensory impact of holding a print within your hands says Craig Steinberg, a licenced physiologist in USA who works with young children in therapy, he says that the sensory impact just isn’t there when you are swiping a phone or tablet or clicking a mouse when looking at photos compared to the sensory impact of turning photos in a photo book or holding prints.

It is well discussed and used within the mental health flied through the world and the importance of having good professional family portraits, make sure you have them done at least every 2-5 years to keep the fresh and updated.

So have you booked your family photoshoot yet? http://www.withinthismoment.co.uk

Love and Light, Victoria.

Amelia, Jake, Macy, Lianne and Evans.


How to prepare for your family photoshoot

What we provided- Bumps, Babies and Beyond! 

Here is all the information you will need for your experience. 

Gemma & Ben's family

I provide more than just a “images/pictures” here at  Within this moment photography you will receive not only an experience but there shall be lots of fun in a relaxed home from home Gainsborough studio and a professional service. I supply high quality photographs and products from specially sourced professional labs with outstanding customer service that you will want to return to, like so many of my other clients. I provide both location outdoor and studio experiences in my Gainsborough home studio, a mobile service is available but taxi costs apply.


I want you to all be yourselves so that your photographs represent you as a family and they are genuine. Let your children be children and most importantly have fun as a photoshoot experience shouldn’t be stressful! Children under school age will most likely want to explore the studio rather than sit down and also may have a meltdown, I have children myself so this is not new to me at all, I go with the flow and orientate my experiences around your children.


It’s okay not to always get smiling photographs, we don’t always walk around with smiles on our faces, I rather get genuine facial expressions rather than forced ones as it’s all about the natural beauty of your family. 


Please don’t surprise me with extra members of your family and discuss with me who is coming to the experience prior to your scheduled day because I only have a small studio so extra planning will be needed for extra bodies.

If your child has individual needs, please let me know so that I can plan for this. 


Little Children can often be excitable and busy, so here is some tips how to prepare your children:

* Make sure they have had a good night sleep and they have had their nap prior to the shoot so they are not tired and will be in a cooperative mood.

* Bring snacks and a drink but nothing with E numbers in that will cause hyperactivity so we can have a nice smooth running session.

* Bring a couple of different outfits to change into, this will give diversity in the pictures and allow little breaks and change of sets.

* Have fun! Try not to stress too much, being relaxed will allow you to have more genuine and natural photos.

DSC09318 x1

What happens afterwards?

After your photography experience you will be invited back to my Gainsborough home studio for a viewing and ordering session, whereby I will reveal your lovingly hand crafted photographs via a slideshow with no hard sales techniques. It only takes a couple of days for me to retouch your photos so your ordering session will be done within the week. I only do in person sessions as I believe and feel the one to one communication is valuable in presenting you with your images and we can discuss in person any questions you may have. Prints and products and take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive and are payable via paypal, bacs or cash. Payment plans are available just ask me about them. All my photo shoots require you to read and confirm with my terms and conditions.

So I hope this helps you prepare for your photoshoot and you find it useful, love and light Victoria.

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Gemma & Ben's family




Coping with bad weather on your location photoshoot #Lincolnshire portrait photographer

So we are in April and we have the oh so common April showers here in the UK, so if you have booked an outdoors photographic experience or are worries about your photoshoot, here are some great tips to help you stay prepared!

web 2

  • Its its terrible and you totally don’t feel like it would work, call me and we will reschedule.
  • Bring colorful wheelies, umbrellas and rain coats and we can splash in the puddles for some fun photos!
  • Dress warm, the worst thing you want to do is feel cold, look at the colors outdoors and match your wardrobe! If its a summer day wear baby blue, greens and yellows, if its autumn wear oranges, reds and browns, its its winter wear whites and grey.
  • Bring towels to get dry and spare clothes to get changed for your trip home.
  • Look for shelter: Trees, parking garages and over hangs on buildings and structures.
  • Take a flask of your favorite warm beverage, just to keep toasty if you need a break or after your session.
  • Check the weather forecast before the shoot and choose the best time of the day if possible.
  • Get some and bring some anti frizz stuff for your hair, yeah we all know it goes crazy with a spot of rain.
  • Don’t panic, we live in the UK and a good photographer can make photographs creative and extra special.


So I hope this helps you prepare for your photoshoot and you find it useful, love and light Victoria.

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Uncle Bob Vs. A Professional Wedding Photographer

So you are getting married and Uncle Bob says to you that he will photograph your wedding as a “present” to you, you think that’s pretty neat of him because he has a really good camera and it can save you a few hundred pound and after all weddings are expensive!

You may have heard all sorts of stories too from your friends and family about how much they paid for their photographs and thought, flipping heck that much just to “take a few photos” that’s insane! So going with Uncle Bob sounds like the best solution.

However I want to talk with you about why this isn’t the best idea and investing in a professional wedding photographer is ultimately going to give you more value in long run.

Now I’m not saying that ammeter photographers aren’t good at what they do or that your Uncle bob is “Crap” The likelihood is that he’s pretty nifty with the camera and can take some nice photos out and about and may even have studied a bit of photography in the past however he’s properly photographing on “Auto” mode and hasn’t explored and mastered the full capability of his camera. He doesn’t have an external flash or if he does, its a basic point and shoot forward which will give over exposed images and panda eyes. He may not have several lenses, or if he does he doesn’t realize that using the wrong lens can distort the photo making some features bigger than they are and that’s not what you want. But he’s most likely to photograph people he knows and will have limited knowledge of light so the photos will come out dark or too light and blurry. He has a flikr account and burns the images onto a CD for you…..which you pop in the draw and never get round to printing, or if you do you go to the local superstore where you get basic prints for only 3p each! #Bargin Uncle bob doesn’t have insurance or has a contract with you.

So lets have a look at what you will be getting with a professional wedding photographer:

  • Experienced photographer who shoots on average 5,000 image weekly and knows how to photograph in all situations and control the light from a dark indoor room to a bright sunny day’s landscape to a well lit venue to a dark traditional church. They are confident with ambient light and can change settings with ease with when the light frequently changes giving a consistent look in their photographs.
  • Has ability to have friendly yet assertiveness for group photos, understands posing to get the most flattering poses out of people and composition.
  • Is up to date with trends and technology and is able to bring his photos up to their full potential in editing as camera’s cant always quite see what the eye can. Gives photos a creative touch and not just colour pop their images.
  • They belong to professional photography organizations and enters contents and may even be an award winning photographer. They live, breath and sleep photography.
  • A wedding photographer has had plenty of experience photographing weddings and can give their clients previous galleries for their potential clients to look at to see the style and quality of work they provide for multiple past weddings.
  • They have experience to give you tips and advice to help your wedding day run smoothly and has experience a number of scenarios and issues and knows how to deal with them such as rain on the wedding day. With the experience they know where to stand and how to conduct themselves to get the best photographs and can adjust themselves to varring situations such as Grandma doesn’t want her photo been taken.
  • They have invested thousands on their business from collateral to equipment and training to be the best photographer they can be. They have a second camera body just in case theirs malfunctions on the day with knowledge of all their gadgets and has them serviced.
  • They have attended the best training to edit their photos and provide high quality professional quality which reflects in their well thought out pricing which covers all aspects of their business costs.
  • They have legitimate business, insurance, public liability and has contracts with each of their clients.
  • They have access to the top printing companies and can provide a variety of fine art prints and products which will stand the test of time and be given as heirlooms in the family through generations. The professional prints give calibrated prints with thicker paper and different finishes to give art the presentation that it deserves.
  • This is their full time employment and they dedicate more often than not more time and talent to their clients as they are passionate about what they do.

There is no re wind button for your wedding day, so choosing the right photographer for you and your family dynamics is vital since other than your memories your wedding photographs are the most valued and non disposable item from your wedding. The cake will get eaten, the decorations thrown away or sold on, the food eaten, the wedding dress worn once and stored in the closet and then you have your photographs- Available always, reminding you of your love to your partner and the memories of your cherished day.

Don’t regret not booking a professional photographer because of the cost, you shouldn’t be paying any less that £500 for a true professional who’s full time job is photography. Look at my previous blog posts for more tips and ideas on how to choose your wedding photographer and I’d be delighted if you chose me!

Love and light Victoria.

Sparkle and dreams photography, Gainsborough based wedding and event photographer.

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How to prepare for your maternity experience, Gainsborough portrait photographer

L E T ’ S C A P T U R E T H E M A G I C O F M O T H E R H O O D

Photographing mums to be, newborns and babies are my true passion, I adore photographing Mothers to be and precious newborns because there is nothing more beautiful in my eyes. Pregnancy is a time of excitement and a personal bond between you and your baby, and I understand that you wish to capture the anticipation of one of the most unforgettable moments of your life and thus is why I specialize in maternity photography. While maternity photography can seem intimidating to some women, as a parent myself I’m dedicated to capturing genuine smiles and making my expectant mothers feel at ease and look beautiful.


About my experience and style:

I love to use natural and bold colours so that there isn’t anything too distracting from the beautiful mother to be, leaving the emphasis on the bump however with a hint of colour and the occasional prop to add creativity to your photographs producing a pure and simple portrait.

I like to keep sessions short to avoid feeling uncomfortable because being pregnant myself I know how exhausting and hard work it can be! If you would like to capture your pregnancy and your newborn I do a “Belly to baby” package. One experience whilst you are in your 3rd trimester and then a newborn experience when your baby is no older than 1 month old.

Crystal and Stephen

Preparing for your experience:

Before your experience please insure you have done your nails nicely as these will be photographed as you place lovingly your hand on your bump and remove large jewelry so that the focus remains on your baby bump leaving only sentimental items on for a clean photograph. Please have a snack to keep you refreshed and full of energy but not too filling so that you feel uncomfortable/bloated for your experience. Put Moisturizer (coca butter) on one to two hours before your session, this will help minimize redness and dry skin and give your skin a nice fresh feeling.


What to bring:

Do bring your ultra sound image with you as well as anything personal that you have for your baby such as a named plaque. My job as a photographer is to make you feel amazing and provide you with an experience you will never forget and producing memorable photographs and after you can just throw your jammies on and relax.


What to wear:

* It’s advisable not to wear anything tight a few hours prior to your experience as you don’t want marks on your skin.

* Long white/Black skirts with a Boob tube.

* Plain colored maxi dress or/and a bold color pretty dress.

* Jeans preferably dark Blue without the bump adjustment with a Black/White boob tube or Black/White/Grey plain long sleeved T shirt.

* Matching Lingerie set.

* Black trousers and White/Black/Grey colored shirt/top.

* White/Black/Beige/Grey cardigan.

* Lace bandu in Black/ White/Grey/Beige.


What to Expect at your session:

When you arrive after our introductions we can have a drink and a little friendly chat about what we are going to do during the experience, what ideas and what you have bought with you (As I know that as bump grows it’s difficult to find something that fits and is comfortable for you) Once we are all settled we will start our experience. If you are uncomfortable at any point, you must tell me. At the end of the experience I will show you the different products available for you to purchase at your viewing and ordering session which will be held a week after your photo experience, then you can have a think of what you’d like to give as gifts for friends and family and discuss which images you would like hanging up on the walls of your home from your experience and I will give you a price list to go home with to help guide you and then all you have to do is wait for the reveal of your photographs at my home studio a week later.


What to expect After your experience:

After the experience I hand pick the photos that I feel represent you the best so that I can bring them to their full potential in my editing process. You will then have a stunning collection of images to view at your reveal and ordering session. I never give out unedited photographs or RAW files, I may not make a lot of adjustments on a photograph, but I like to tweak it to bring out the colour or remove some over exposed areas when people where white ect. I want your photographs to be perfect for you, I am an artist. I will make adjustments such as cropping, black and white conversions. If you would like bespoke retouching please contact me to discuss this, I do remove spots while I edit. Once your photos have been beautifully edited and are ready for the “viewing” I shall contact you for you to come over to my studio where I will reveal your photographs via a slide show and you can go through the decision process where you can choose what prints and products you would like to purchase, this will take around an hours’ time. Please bring money with you to pay for any additional items you would like. Prints and products can take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive and once they have arrived I will contact you again so that you can pick them up, which I am sure you will be very excited about! Please let me know who is coming to the viewing and try and arrange childcare for little ones so that you can have full focus on viewing your photographs.


How much does it cost?

Includes a 30 minute photo session, 2 Outfit changes, 10 fully edited images to choose from at your in person reveal and ordering session one week after your experience. You will receive a 12 x 8” fine art print upon your order, A la Carte products are available or upgrade to receive 45 minutes, 3 outfit changes and 15 images on a USB drive with a printing licence plus 2 keyrings for £350.



The package fee is due at booking, which is non-refundable. This payment ensures that the day is booked just for you, I have arranged childcare and I am prepared for your experience accordingly. Payments can be made by Cash, direct bank transfer or PayPal, failure of deposit fee results in cancellation of your experience. Due to sickness or family emergency yes you may re-schedule ONCE and your fee covers this. You may re schedule in advance no less than 24 hours prior to your experience. For packages over a course of a year payments will be split throughout your experiences. Payment plans are available for additional products from your package.

Get in touch today 🙂

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Love and light, Victoria.



What do clients think of Within this moment Photography?

So your not sure on booking a photoshoot with Victoria? So what does client of Within this moment photography, Gainsborough based contemporary portrait studio think of my service and products? Here is a list of all my clients reviews:

“Victoria has photographed my son twice and both times I’ve been blown away by the quality of her work. Not only does she produce beautiful photos but she also manages to capture his personality and his cheekiness. She’s a lovely woman to work with, with endless patience and a great manner. Would highly recommend her  ” – Kirsty Jai Skelton (2017)

” Absolutely loved our family shoot today! Victoria you were so fab with my beautiful children. Not the easiest of children to photograph but you were so patient and calm. We can’t wait to see the images. Thank you so much. Xx” – Jemma Louise Hurst (2017)

“Victoria is absolutely amazing! Both myself and Sophie enjoyed our day, she’s so relaxed and welcoming. Today we’ve ordered the pictures after a quick turn around of them and i’m so excited to get them! Shes so unbelievably talented and I can’t wait to have Sophie’s 1st birthday fruit smash! Thanks for creating amazing memories for us Victoria x” – Jessica Louise (2016) 

“Victoria is professional, polite and has a great understanding of what the client wants out of their shoot. She goes above and beyond her job description and is always willing to go the extra mile for her clients.”- Katrina CZartowski (2016) 

” My little girls 3rd photo shoot and once again over the moon with Victoria’s work. We had newborn pictures, a Christmas shoot and now sitting photographs done with Victoria is we have been so impressed with everything she has done. Looking at dates for a first birthday shoot now!” – Katherine Thorpe (2016)

“I couldn’t fault Victoria! She was fabulous with my newborn!! Well prepared with props and blankets 🙂 I honestly can’t wait to see the images now 🙂 🙂 I would highly recommend her to anyone! ” – Tiffany Jenkins (2016)

“My daughters won the recent competition. The whole experience for my children was brilliant, they really enjoyed it. A relaxed friendly atmosphere that made my children feel at ease instantly. I also had to take along my 15 month old boy due to no childcare. He was made to feel very welcome and was entertained by lots of toys. He kept wandering through to the studio room… He wasn’t asked to leave, in fact he was encouraged to sit down and had a few shots taken as well. Highly recommended. Brilliant family photographer. Thank you.” – Becki Collier (2016)

“My daughter Lola had a lovely time on her shoot with Victoria. She loved looking through all Victoria’s accessories and picking things to compliment her outfits. Victoria has a lovely gentle way with the children. I highly recommend.” – Nicki Mawdsley (2016)

“Really love the photos of my daughter taken by Victoria. She patiently waited for my daughter to feel comfortable and took care in all the little things to make sure she captured my daughter at her best. “ – Sarah Hoyes (2015)


“Loved pictures of my grandsons Victoria has done a superb job considering they were not easy subjects she was extremely caring & patient will certainly go again highly recommended ♥♥xx “ – Ann Cammack (2015)

“ Very happy with the outcome of our shoot with Victoria. She had the patience of a saint with my little girl who was into touching everything, wouldn’t sit still or look at the camera and despite that we got some really good photos. Would recommend Victoria to anyone who’s after pictures. Cannot wait to come pick up our piccys when they come. :)” – Charlie Eckersley (2014)

“ Victoria was welcoming and friendly. Patient with my girl who was a bit shy to start with. Very helpful with any questions I had. Will definitely recommend. X ” – Sonia Page (2014)

“ We had all of Scarlett pictures done by Victoria, I wouldn’t trust Scarlett with anybody else. When you are at the shoots you have such a laugh from start to finish.” – (Mark Beetie 2014)

“I have shot various modeling shoots with Victoria but, this was my first family shoot with her. It was so relaxed and full of giggles. The prices were of great value and even though we had a little problem with posing and laughter…she kept calm and we managed a wonderful shoot 🙂 My mum loved her surprise photos and so did the rest of the family. Amazing. x” – Bryony Roberts (2014)

“I would like to thank Victoria for an amazing photo shoot all the pics you took are fab, just what i wanted in the pics! My Millie looks brilliant thank you for making me relax as you take the pictures as well. Can’t wait to book more shoots with you, can’t wait to see my photos in my hands, just simply amazing thanks again for the beautiful photos. x” – (Beverly Hobson 2014)

“Thank you so much fantastic work wont be disappointed defo coming back again :)was great with my 2 autistic kids as well.” –Sarah Oakden (2014)

“Loved Lucas’ photo shoot this morning! Victoria made me, Lucas and my auntie feel so welcome and she was so patient and brilliant with Lucas. Would definitely use her in the future love all my pics too! Thank you again Victoria. xx”- Danielle Thistleton (2014)

“Amazing photographer! Made the little kids feel very comfortable and relaxed. Photos have came out great! Couldn’t recommend enough xx “ – Gabi Brown (2014)

“Victoria did my lil mans Halloween shoot what can i say she is a 100% professional great with kids and making them feel at ease she took me step by step through the shoot i was 100% happy with the service sparkle and dreams provided and will be using Victoria again as the end result was amazing my lil man look happy and awesome really pleased.” – Jayde Finch (2013)

“Victoria is amazing …. she made my Autistic son so relaxed and he loved the time he spent with her. U will not b disappointed so go on give her a try please.“ – Karen Nobel (2013)

“ 3rd time with Victoria and yet again amazing pictures, even with my baby not being happy with her cake smash.” – Emma Louise (2013)

“Love our photos, our on location shoot was brilliant, with Victoria making it so effortless and happy to work with ever changing variables. “ – Sarah Cherry (2013)

“I had a great time having my maternity shoot. Victoria could tell I was nervous but she soon put me at ease. I love the photo’s that have come from the shoot.” – Amber Shaw (2013)

Please use the contact page to submit your own testimonial or recommendation.

I hope that this helps with your decision in choosing me as your portrait photographer, love and light Victoria.

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How to pose for a more flattering you #portrait photography

So you have booked a photographic experience and your worried how to look and you want to look your best, right on! Here is some additional tips for you to prepare you for the most successful photoshoot!

  • Create separation between your limbs from your body, this prevents the arm/leg from being squashed against your body filling it, this is an optical illusion for a slimmer appearance in terms of overall width.
  • If you rise your arm to your head, this will cause a shadow across your face, bring out your elbow to avoid this and keep an even light.
  • When facing away from the camera avoid looking directly to the camera causing the whites of your eyes to show, looks lightly over and down to your nose.
  • Elongating your neck creates elegance and height, so Lift your head and stretch it out whist lowering your chin slightly, this will feel uncomfortable but will help reduce double chin, even popping your chin out towards the camera will give your jawline destination. This is called “turtling” just like a turtle pops out of it’s shell.
  • Never stand directly in front of the camera, always turn your body slightly, create a slimmer waist by pulling your hands in rather than hanging them on your waist.
  • Always pop your hip and stand on your tiptoe to create more definition in your body.
  • Think ballet hands, nice and soft with bent digits, keeping your flat hand directed away from the camera.
  • wear clothes that flatter your shape.
  • If your being photographed face on, cross your ankles from your calves, this will make your hips appear narrower and legs look longer.
  • While smiling, press your tongue on the roof of your mouth, this will extenuate your jaw and reduce double chin.
  • Don’t fake your smile, the camera never lies!
  • Stand up strait, don;t slouch, work that body! You will look more confident and elongate you in your photos.
  • Do something with your hands, keep them moving, play with your hair, put your hand in your pocket, put your hand on your hip, work it and if you have a joint, bend it because standing front on with your hands dangling in front of you is not flattering!

I hope this list helps you, love and light, Victoria.