Your guide to planning your Gainsborough wedding and what’s available/ Gainsborough wedding planning/ Gainsborough wedding vendors

I understand how stressful it can be planning your wedding because I have planned my own wedding and done it all myself. I got engaged December 2010 and married in September 2012, this year I will be celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary!

So let’s have a look at what you need and do first……

  • Get a notebook for your notes to help you keep organized.
  • Think of who you would like as your maid of honor and arrange for her to come round and have a cuppa and wedding chat.
  • Work out your budget, what can you spend, what can you save up ect.
  • Visit Pinterest for ideas and wedding magazines, you can make a “Dream Board” in your notebook or folder.
  • Research wedding planners if you can and want one to help you with your wedding.
  • Think of a few dates, do you want off season or in the season, pick a few just in case they don’t have availability on hat date at your venue.
  • Think about having an engagement party.
  • Consider if you want wedding insurance, just in case anything happens.
  • Arrange a meet up with your married friends so get ideas and advice.


I have previously talked about this, Visit Junes blog entry.


A photographer, yep I hope you choose me! If I’m quite not what you’re looking for, do ask me and I will give you my recommended photographers.


  • Four seasons: Address: 43 Lord Street. Website:
  • Interflora: Address: 28 Marshals Yard.
  • Pink Orchid: Address: 43 Heaton Street.
  • On the high street: Marks & Sparks, Tescos or Co-OP
  • Ebay.


  • Argos: Address: Unit 1, Market Hall, 31-37 Silver Street, Gainsborough.
  • Stanly Hunt Jewelers Address: 26 Beaumont St, Marshalls Yard, Gainsborough. 
  • Anglo Swiss Jewelers:  Adress: 96 Trinity St, Gainsborough.
  • Barns & son: Address: 40 Lord St, Gainsborough. 

Wedding Dress & Bridesmaid dress: 

  • Olvia’s of Gainsborough: 4 Ashcroft Rd, Gainsborough.
  • Browns in Marshall’s yard stock Phaze 8 dresses.
  • Traveling out to Scunthorpe, Lincolns or Brigg.



  • Hickman Hill: Cox’s Hill, Gainsborough.
  • Eastbourne House: 81 Trinty Street, Gainsborough.
  • The white heart hotel: 43 Lords Street, Gainsborough.
  • No 12, Morton Terrace: 12 Morton Terrace, Gainsborough.

Transportation :


  • 1 stop cake shop: The station building, Lea Rd, Gainsborough.
  • Cupcakes: 13b Marshall’s Yard, Beaumont Street, Gainsborough.
  • The Cake Boutique: Ropery Road, Gainsborough.
  • Sweet Ruby J’s:
  • Sarah’s Cakes and Bakes:

Hair and Makeup Artist: 

  • Tiffany Jenkins: Kreative makeup:
  • The Lavender Clinic:
  • Belle Fiore: 3a The pattern store, Marshals Yard, Gainsborough (Behind)
  • Amethyst hair and nails: 98trinityy street, Gainsborough.
  • Hair: Salon 5: 5 Lord Street, Gainsborough.
  • Hair: Stringers: Britiania house, Marshalls Yard, Gainsborough.
  • The Hair Gallery: 6-8 Hickman Street, Gainsborough.
  • Pink Pamper: Hair and Nails: 10 Church street, Gainsborough.
  • The Shearing Shed: 28Caskatestreet, Gainsborough.

I love this in depth planning guide:

Okay, so they are the main key players in town for planning your wedding or event.

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Gainsborough’s top 4 celebration venues, planning your Gainsborough wedding.

So your planning your wedding or child’s christening, birthday party and what are the best venues in town?

1- The Maltings bar. 

Address: 2B Lea Rd, Gainsborough DN21 1LW
They have a facebook page:
The venues sports a riverside view, catering and multi rooms to choose from, with beautiful rustic decor.

2- The western rooms

Address: 20 Hickman St, Gainsborough DN21 2DZ
Close to the center of town, although this venue has no windows so it is a little dark. The decor is traditional.

3-  Gainsborough Golf Club 

Address: Gainsborough Golf Club, Belt Road. Thonock, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 1PZ

phone: 01427 613088



This venue sports a late license for a bar, lovely scenery of the golf course, a large car parking facility and can facilitate up to 300 people.

4- Morton Village Hall 

Address: Walkerith Road, Morton, Lincolnshire, DN21 3AL

Phone: 01427 610130
Contact: Mr P Robinson
This venue is lovely and light, it’s large with a facility to hold up to 300 people although there is no bar so you will have to order one in.
I have personally been in and also photographed in all the venues and I have had a lovely experience in each one.
There also is the Gainsborough Old Hall for a truly unique venue, within the center of town.
So I hope you find this useful in planning your wedding or event.
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Top 4 Wedding Venues in Gainsborough, Planning your Gainsborough wedding.

So since we are approaching the wedding season I thought I’d do a little blog post on the Local places to get married.

Traditional Churches: 

1- Gainsborough Methodist Church.

Address:  24-26 Silver St, Gainsborough DN21 2DP

Call: 01427 612913

Rev. Louise Carr
☏ 01427 615184

Here is a photo of inside the church:

Laura & Daniles wedding (02.11.13)

This church is based in the center of town and there are no gardens as such for photos to be taken, however, there is the Gainsborough’s old hall only a 2-3 minute walk from the venue with beautiful gardens and scenery to have photos taken at.

The church is has a more modern interior with chairs rather than pews and sports a blue carpet and backdrop.

2- All Saints Parish Church

Address: Church Street, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 2JR.

Revd Canon Michael Cooney
Priest in Charge
Tel: 01427 679407

Here is a photo of inside the church:

Emilie's Christening

This church has a very grand look, high ceilings and beautifully decorated, it has its own garden for photos.

3- St Pauls Morton

Address: 10-16 Front St, Morton, Gainsborough DN21 3
St Paul’s church is linked to the Parsh Church.
Although a very traditional church inside and rather dark, there is some lovely garden space for photographs and a field next to the church for a  group photo.

Non church Venues: 

4- Gainsborough registry office:

Address: Richmond House, Richmond Park, Morton Terrace, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 2RJ

Tel: 01522 782244


This venue is on the grounds of an amazing and beautiful park, perfect for your photos.

Alison and Davids weddingAlison and Davids weddingAlison and Davids weddingAlison and Davids wedding


Gainsborough Old Hall. 

This venue is a Grade 1 listed medieval building but sports a unique place to get married, please note it doesn’t have a bar so you will have to order one in.

Address: Parnell St, Gainsborough,  Lincolnshire DN21 2NB

Call: 01522 554559

Wedding venues outside of town:

1- Hemswell Court.

Adress: Lancaster Green, Hemswell Cliff, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 5TQ


Hemswell Court is a beautiful venue that can supply the whole wedding from ceremony to bar and hotel rooms. The venue holds up to 200 guests and can cater up to 160 guests with 24 bedrooms.

2- White Heather.

Adress: Caenby Corner, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN8 2AT
This venue has 3 acres of beautiful grounds with a bar and all year round markee, fully licensed to perform weddings this venue can facilitate all your needs. 
3- Best Western – West Retford Hotel.
Adress: 24 North Road, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 7XG.
Can cater for up to 160 people, fully licensed to perform weddings with full facilities of rooms, bar, car park for your wedding day. 
4- Doddington Hall.

Address: Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN6 4RU

 This venue has superb grounds around the Elizabethan building, with a variety of function rooms to choose from and a full service as a fully licenced wedding venue. 

I hope this gives you a little insite to what’s available locally for your wedding.

Next week I will visit party venues.

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How to look after your prints and products

So you have invested in buying prints and products from your Gainsborough portrait studio, here are some tips in how to care for them so you can get the most out of them!



With proper care and handling, your photo album will last a lifetime and beyond. We recommend the following precautions be taken to maintain the archival quality of your album and to extend the life of your investment:

  • Handle album and its pages with care to avoid bending, denting or scratching surfaces.
  • When not in use, keep your album in its original storage bag and box.
  • Always turn pages by their edges near the center of the book rather than outer edges.
  • Store album flat, in a cool, dry location without exposure to direct sunlight or ultraviolet light.
  • Never keep your album in an upright position, unless you have it wedged tightly between heavy book ends or between other books to keep it shut tightly.
  • Storing vertically may weaken the integrity of the spine.
  • Dust as needed with a dry cloth.
  • For albums with leather covers, leather cleaner is recommended.
  • Avoid touching print surfaces with your fingers and clean with a soft, dry cloth.

Since every home is different every album will be affected differently. Depending on the size of the book, the type of paper used and the style of album you purchase. To a certain extent slight page warping is normal. Ultimately, albums are made for us to use and enjoy. Their primary function is to protect what lies within. A little wear and tear shows love and adds history and personality to the book. We wish you a lifetime of viewing enjoyment!

wedding album


Handling your DVD Hold the disc by the edges or by the center hole.

Hold, store and use your disc with a little extra care.

Avoid excessive heat. Do not expose the disc to direct sunlight, excessive heat or humidity. In particular, do not leave a disc on the dashboard of a car.

Operating conditions: should be between 23 and 131 degrees Fahrenheit (-5 to 55 C) and 3 to 95% Relative Humidity.

Storage conditions: should be held within 5 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 to 70 C) and 3 to 95% Relative Humidity.

Cleaning your disk: Do not use benzene thinner, anti-static agents or conventional LP record cleaners. Because the disc is written in a spiral track, drives are particularly sensitive to scratches that follow the curve of the disc. For this reason, always wipe in a straight line, from the center of the disc out, in radial fashion. That way, any inadvertent scratches or residue will be perpendicular to the track, causing minimum interference. Store discs vertically and in a dust-free case whenever possible. Keep the disc clean and protected from dust, stains, fingerprints and water marks. These can degrade the optical performance of your drive, causing read/write errors. Remove dust or lint from the disc with a soft dry cloth. If the surface should become stained or contaminated, gently wipe it off with a soft, dry lint-free cloth; a commercial cleaner or ethyl alcohol.



Here are some steps that one should take to preserve the investment of memories. This will ensure that your art can be passed down to future generations. Here are some guidelines to help you with this task. To keep your art beautiful for all time, please follow these simple rules:

  • Since Prints and Canvases are not waterproof, care should be taken to avoid subjecting your art to moisture.
  • Store and display your images in a low humidity environment where temperature remains moderate and not extreme. Over time, intense light may cause color in stretched art canvas and prints to fade. For this reason, we suggest keeping canvases and prints out of direct sunlight and clear from reflected light from mirrors. Heat can be an images worst enemy. We recommend keeping canvases away from direct heat from sources such as fireplaces and radiators.
  • Avoid touching canvases directly with your hands. The natural oils on your skin can damage the inks and/or the canvas.
  • To clean, use a clean, dry, lint-free cloth or feather duster to keep your canvas dust free.
  • Session Albums should be stored flat to protect the spine. Avoid resting anything heavy on your book. Do not get pages wet. If you do, dry them quickly and let the book dry before closing it. Store book in a dry and moderately cool place as extreme heat and humidity will affect your session album.
  • Digital files (or Session Disk) should be backed up and saved. We recommend storing it in a different location than the original. Be sure to store your disk in the provided case to avoid scratches and store it in a dry safe place.

Sparkle & Dreams Products

I do add this information in with your perchance but I do hope that this information helps you understand your photography experience better. I have taken great care in working hard to provide only the best for my clients.

Love and light Victoria.

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9 wedding mistakes

So while in the planning process for your wedding, which lets face it can be such a massive deal for some individuals who have been planning their dream wedding since they were children, we all want our wedding to go down as smoothly as possible, so here are 9 fantastic tips to help you plan your day around your photographer so you can get the best out of your wedding photographer.

1- Letting relatives and friends get in the way of the photographer as they take their smartphone pictures, if you are investing fully in a professional photographer (You shouldn’t be paying less than £500 for your professional wedding photographer) then ask them about how you can have an unplugged wedding, this allows your photographer to get on with their job efficiently without Uncle bob standing in front of them and other peoples flashes getting in the way of the photographers images or having 50 iphones in your images.

2- Not helping organize your guests for posed images, now this is a particularly stressful part of the wedding photography process and the one that takes up the most time. Now of course as a bride/groom you don’t want to be getting stressed and having to do all the work so think about who you can appoint with a really loud voice who can help the photographer rally up the groups and assist in getting all those posed group images so it goes smoothly, the photographer souly can’t do this by themselves they don’t know who is who and people may not be inclined to listen to them.

3- Not hiring a professional photographer, now then we all know how expensive weddings are, you just say the word wedding and it almost seams like prices are sky high! Now this may not be the case with small businesses, its all down to their business model and the costs it takes to run their business, we all have bills to pay so it may not be as black and white as you think it is. Wedding photography is so much more than just taking images and it is one of the only non disposable reminders of your day. After all the cake gets eaten, the decorations get put down/thrown, the wedding dress worn once ect and what do you have other than your memories? PHOTOGRAPHS! So please think carefully about who you choose as your photographer, if your on a budget try tweaking things and invest in a good photographer, your won’t regret it in a few years time.

4- Not explain exactly what you want in your imagery to your photographer, so you have your amazing wedding, get the photographs and ugh, wait what your not impressed? Make sure you let your photographer know what you want, do you want all black and white images? do you want mainly portraits, do you want the vintage feel? what are you looking for? Unsure, check out the links to previous blog posts:

5- Forgetting to have fun! It’s your wedding day, things will happen out of control even if you plan it to a T, so just go with the flow and have fun, its your one day! The more relaxed you are, the more genuine your photos are going to be.

6- Having an too in depth shoot list for your photographer, so you want 100 portrait images, okay this will take a good hour or so and your other guests will get bored! Make sure you do the whole group first and work down the smaller groups so people can have a break or go to the bar or they will be waiting around and do you really need 150 photos of your individual family portraits, will you use them? Have a good think of what you need and want and if you are un sure just discuss this with your photographer.

7- Falling for trends that date, do you really need whats “Hot right now” or in 20 years are you going to look back at your photos and think oh my days, what was I thinking?

8- Letting other peoples opinions over rule the photographer, Now its great to have the opinion of your friends and family but that is exactly what it is, their opinion and their beliefs may not match yours, so seek out meeting the photographer to make your own decision first.

9- Having poor self esteem, now this may seam like a really strange one but go on with me, if you have poor body image or low self esteem try and not let this effect the way you feel on your wedding day or this will always be hitting you every time you look at your wedding photographs and you will dislike them.

so can you think of a 10th?

What do you think? I hope these tips really help you in your planning process for your wedding.

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Live and light, Victoria.

FAQ weddings: Getting to know your Gainsborough photographer

Sometimes its so hard to choose a photographer with so many out there and with so many lingoes as photography has it’s own language. I have put a good list of Frequently asked questions on my website to help my clients with any questions they may have to help them have a clear understand everything about sparkle and dreams photography.

I really hope this information helps you and get in touch about booking your own wedding photography at:


How many Weddings have you Photographed? 

11 as of 2016

Do you charge for travel?

Yes, outside of a 50 mile radius of Gainsborough, I will have to add the cost to your balance.

What if you are sick on our wedding day?

I will have a second Photographer ready to cover your wedding if I am unable to do it. I won’t let you down, as I understand how important your special day is!

Have you had any issues during your weddings and how have you dealt with it? 

I have only had one incident where I informally said I would videotape percussion down the aisle and accidently formatted the SD card as the file was a different folder so my computer didn’t read it and therefor I did not save the file. Bride and I worked as a team and decided I would give them a complementary family experience due to the inconvenience.

What if it rains on our wedding day?

That’s why my pre-wedding visit to the venues is important, here we can discuss alternative spaces to take your photos just in case there is bad weather.  We could also have fun with welly boots and umbrellas in some photos, so we can cover this in our pre consultation meeting.

Do you have an assistant or will there be other people with you at our wedding?

If you would like to book an additional photographer, you may at a fee of £250.

Are all the photographs on your website your own. 

Yes of course there are no other promotional images used.

How long will the posed/formal photos take after the ceremony?

Every wedding is unique so it’s hard to tell exactly, however we can discuss how many people you have at your wedding, how many photos you would like and arrange this accordingly. No more than 3 hours will be taken up for formal Bride/Groom and formal images.

If my wedding last longer than expected do you charge extra?

I do, there will be a £25 per hour charge with 10 images per hour.

Can we choose the photos we want in our album/photobook?

Of course you can, this is will happen at your “Viewing session” so you can choose exactly which prints products and sizes you want.

 will you be submitting our photographs to any wedding blogs, magazines? 

I may, I will inform you if I do.

Why should I choose you?

Because you like the style of my photography and because you get on well with me 🙂

If you have any more questions do message me on the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Love and light, Victoria.

How to choose a good photographer

With so many photographers out there it’s pretty hard to understand and choose a photographer. I hope these tips help you.

Firstly ask yourself three questions:

1- Do you like their photos?

2- Can you see their full price list and are they in your budget?

3- Do they have their contact information available and clear on their site?

If you answer yes to all these questions, get a notepad and write each photographer down. You can then contact each one and arrange to meet them all and you can make an informed decision to who you feel is the right photographer for you and your family.  

Tips to consider:

Do they have good communication?

Do they reply quite quickly and are informative in their communication or are they slow at responding, have poor English and you are left not quite knowing exactly whats going on?

Their website: Is it quick to load up, easy to use, have details of location, prices and do you leave the website feeling positive and informed?

Understanding Lingo: 

“Clean” Photographs that are natural with little editing and clear.


“Matte” Photographs that are edited with a muted layer added.

_DSC0330 o

“Vintage” Photographs that are edited with a pastel style coloring with an old film camera feel to them and a little “Shabby Chick” looking.


“Traditional” A classic lighting pattern and posed imagery.


“Contemporary” A more modern lighting techniques with an artistic vision from the photographer.


“Reportage” Capturing moments as they happen and a documentary style.


“Golden hour” The last hour at sunset where the light is the most beautiful and complementary to the human form.

_DSC7694 copy.jpg

“Bokeh” Where light forms primarily circles or can be other shapes of light that is blury.


“HDR” High Dynamic Range a photograph where you can see all the details rather than a blury background.

_DSC7966 copy.jpg

“SOOC” Strait out of Camera, an image that has not been processed or edited.


“Ambient light” Available light which is mostly Natural light or a mix of natural light and synthetic light such as lamp to light up a photograph/scene.

Look at the photos on the photographers portfolio are they?

Lit well? Or are they dark or too light where the white is all blown out (No detail)

Correct color? Or are they Yellow/blue tinted from improper white balance, its important that your photographer gets the color right or it will print out wrong and wont look as good.

In focus? The Eyes should be the sharpest part of the portrait.

Does everyone look comfortable and natural? Or do people look uneasy and uncomfortable after all you want you to look good!

Are the photos cropped well or are heads, hands, feet cropped off? Some photos look good and artistic with being slightly a different viewpoint or crop, but a lot of images with missing limbs don’t make good photos.

Is there good emotion in the photo, does it invoke feelings or is it boring? Photography is all about the art and emotion, it should be visually pleasing, the way you want your life to be remembered.

Is there a clear viewpoint to the photograph, do you know what is going on or is it a random photo? Detailed shots are okay and you want the photos to tell a story, having a load of random photos are properly not going to fulfill you.

Are the photos clean with a good impact or are there lots of distractions such as rubbish in the background? Good editing and composition give photos a better perspective to look at and a better impact.

_DSC4753 copy.png

Ask your photographer if you can view a whole wedding or session so you can know exactly what you may be getting out of your session since photographers usually put only their favorite and best photos on their portfolios, if there is no consistency in the photo shoots then you may want to consider using a different photographer. 

Look for references and reviews, what are people saying about your photographer?


Always sigh a contract, cover your own back! Just in case something happens.


Choose a photographer that has experience, especially for your wedding and newborn as you will never get that time back! Its invaluable!

Ask yourself?

  • what are your expectations our of your photographer? What are you looking for? Having photos in a studio, outdoors, having prints, digital, do you like plain or color. Knowing what you want will help you choose your photographer.
  • What is your budget? How much can you spend, what are you willing to spend and can you get extra money if needed for your photos.
  • what are you looking for? Prints, Products, gifts, digital, knowing what you are after will help you are your photographer work as a team to get it just right for you.


I really hope this helps you understand photography and helps you choose your photographer and I will be delighted if you choose me as your photographer 🙂 ❤


visit my website for more information: 

Love and light Victoria.