Why should I choose you? Gainsborough portait photographer

I guess with photography, it’s a service and like most things, so people do like to “shop” around to see what’s the best in quality and price and such like. So why choose me, Victoria Louise Newman?

There are many things that can make a photographer stand out from the crowd and one of them most definitely is training. So what training have I done? In 2014, three years after opening my business and a couple of years after I graduated college, I sought independent training workshops through the UK and have been doing them ever since and it has been the best investment I have done for my business as it’s allowed me to define my style, improve my craft and business skills and overall make me a professional photographer.

So prior to doing this intensive independent photography training, I had done other tuition and learning which of course helped me, from working with children (Especially vital for specializing in working with children and having past training and work experience as well as being a mother myself, this really helps me connect with children and how to handle them, especially dealing with shy children and those with disabilities like Autism)

Here is a list of all training and workshops I have done:

Study and training prior to 2014:

2002/4- NNEB Childcare & Education (North Lindsey collage) 

2006- Young roots: Introduction into photography. 

2007- Art and design level 2: Introduction to Photoshop. 

2007/8- Foundation diploma in Fine art (Derby University) 

2010-  One to one training with Paul Wisher.

2010/12- Creative digital media (North Lindsey collage) 

Independent photography & business training 2014 onwards: 

2014- Marko Numan (Introduction to lightroom)
2014- Tracy Willis (Basic Newborn posing and safety)
2014- Chris Chambers (Wedding photography)
2014- Just pose (Advanced Newborn posing and safety)
2015- Zoe Richards (Business)
2015- Andrew Appleton (Basic studio lighting & Urban portraits)
2016- Lisa McCormick (Location children’s portraits)
2016- Gary Hill (Fine art Children’s portraits)
Continuous online training (Julia Kelleher)

So yes that’s quite a list! And I want to do some more training too! I’d like to use flash and some more business training! This training just allows me fast track my learning and skill and present my business with more profession and this is represented in my work as I have managed to actually win some awards with my photography!

So if you are looking for a photographer, especially a Newborn photographer or a wedding photographer which are such important moments that cannot be re-winded just check with them what training they have done?

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Love and light, Victoria.

Coping with bad weather on your location photoshoot #Lincolnshire portrait photographer

So we are in April and we have the oh so common April showers here in the UK, so if you have booked an outdoors photographic experience or are worries about your photoshoot, here are some great tips to help you stay prepared!

web 2

  • Its its terrible and you totally don’t feel like it would work, call me and we will reschedule.
  • Bring colorful wheelies, umbrellas and rain coats and we can splash in the puddles for some fun photos!
  • Dress warm, the worst thing you want to do is feel cold, look at the colors outdoors and match your wardrobe! If its a summer day wear baby blue, greens and yellows, if its autumn wear oranges, reds and browns, its its winter wear whites and grey.
  • Bring towels to get dry and spare clothes to get changed for your trip home.
  • Look for shelter: Trees, parking garages and over hangs on buildings and structures.
  • Take a flask of your favorite warm beverage, just to keep toasty if you need a break or after your session.
  • Check the weather forecast before the shoot and choose the best time of the day if possible.
  • Get some and bring some anti frizz stuff for your hair, yeah we all know it goes crazy with a spot of rain.
  • Don’t panic, we live in the UK and a good photographer can make photographs creative and extra special.


So I hope this helps you prepare for your photoshoot and you find it useful, love and light Victoria.

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Victoria, your Gainsborough portrait Photographer

So it’s all well and good me babbling on about photography and what not, but as I have mentioned before it’s important to get to know your photographer and weather you like them and their values especially if you are spending the whole day with them at your wedding or trusting them with your precious newborn baby and your family.

So lets get to know me, Victoria your Gainsborough portrait photographer.

My loves: Well I am pretty much in love and obsessed with my two favorite bands which are rock bands HIM and 30 seconds to Mars. I absolutely cannot live without music, I listen to music from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep and sometimes even as I am going to sleep. I cannot function without my coffee, I mean I drink a good half a dozen cups a day, everyday and everyone who knows me well knows not to have a conversation with me in the morning till I’ve had my cuppa. These Two things music and Coffee I think I can’t live without.

My likes: Oh where do I start, there are so many things! I love Butterflies, my favorite colour is Purple, I like the colour silver, I like sparkly stuff, shabby chic vintage stuff, Alice in the wonderland, Joe Browns clothing, Steam Punk Couture clothing, Raw and emotional true life films, dancing, period dramas and fashion, anime and manga, art, crystals, Lace, Blue eyes, Ville Valo, Jarad Letto, Ian somerhaulder, Alexander Skargaurd, Emma Watson, IAMX, Buffy and angel, True Blood, The Vampire diaries, Vampires basically, Bam Margera, Linkin Park, Placebo, Marylin Manson and well of course my family and friends.

My personality: I am an INFJ which is one of the 16 personality types by Myer Briggs, this is the rarest personality type. So I’m a pretty special individual! I am also a Taurus so I have a earthy nature so I am a deep down hippy basically.

My hobbies: I love to blog, I like sewing, I like hiking in the wilderness, I listen to music every day and I like writing poetry and doing crafty things like drawing, painting, collage making ect. I actually like to study so reading and being productive is important to me then having my down time by watching movies and chilling in my PJ’s!

I’m a warrior! I am fighting mental health issues and ME/CFS which is: Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) Daily life can be really difficult sometimes but I’m still here fighting 🙂

I’m Alternative: I have currently 10 tattoos, I have my ears pierced and my tongue and have previously had my eyebrow pierced a couple of times and am planning on having dermal in at some point. I like the rock chick fashion look and can be often seen wearing my favorite bands tee and jeans. I dye my hair a couple of times a year but I’ve never had it lets say extreme although I would like to dye it a bright colour.

I’m a big dreamer, I like doing yoga, eating a vegetarian diet and I consider myself a spiritual person. I believe in all lives are important so I’m against abuse, cruelty, exploitation and the mistreatment of both animal and human and do my best to help the causes I am passionate about.

So that’s basically me!

Love and light, Victoria.

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A letter to my future photographer self

Dear Victoria,

I am so proud of you as your peddling on even though you have a bumpy road, I know you have sat and wondered weather this has all been worth it and if you are “good enough” at times, the big question all Artists ask themselves, but you fought on and continued to grow through experiences and yes you can do it, you are good but you are going to become great!

Your dream has evolved and as you get closer, you remain humble and with that I am blessed to know you. You are blossoming into a beautiful flower and your friends and family love to see your work and your achievements. Just imagine hitting those milestones and the life you want when you are faced with tough times.

I’m not going to lie, it’s not easy, it’s not meant to be easy and when you get here you still have to keep peddling and in fact pedal even harder, but my darling it’s so worth it, because inside your soul you are burning brightly because you love photography and your life resolves around art.

You can do this, so don’t doubt yourself! The journey is not over yet, there is more to learn as you can never stop learning and being creative! Your going to walk into tescos and pick up the Photography magazine and see your images in there, your going to get a Gold award, your going to have an award sitting on your mantle piece and yes you will have a tribe that love your artwork it is completely realistic goals and you will be leaving footprints of your life behind.

Love the photographer inside of you!

My top 4 smartest business decisions

So what are the best decisions I have done regarding my photography business in the last 5 years?

1- Invest in training. 

This has to be my biggest achievement, because I knew so little and really was “Winging it” when I first started my business, investing in the specialized training allowed me to not only improve my skills but also my business management and allow me to overall grow.

2- Give everything a go.

This sounds a little strange, but when I first started photography I dabbled in pretty much everything that came my way. This gave me experience in the subject and also allowed me to realize what I like and what I don’t. I then was able to invest in what I did like and work on that so I could truly do what I love as there is no point in doing a job you dislike right!

3- Start from the bottom and create my own path. 

I had no help whatsoever with my business and I literally started with nothing, not even a DSLR! But this allowed me to grow into myself as a person that I ever imagined! I have had many lessons, failures even and some moments of achievements and building up my business of trial and error and buying equipment when I had saved the money kept me out of debt. Creating my own path as my own boss I am able to reach of my own dreams even if there is blood, sweat and tears involved.

4- Taking a break. 

I took a break in March 2015 when I had a huge life changing event, I was exhausted and I wasn’t at my best physically and mentally and this would have effected my work. Although it was a tough decision to make, it was the best one as It allowed me to recover and come back stronger and with more clarity when I returned 7 months later.

So yes, there are my best decisions I have made with my business, what do you think?

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Love and Light Victoria.

January challange

Looking forward to starting the new year by raising money for Charity.

I will be walking a mile a day for 31 days thought January with Kat Czartowski who will be walking 2 miles a day.

We hope to raise money for Homestart Lincolnshire.

You can donate here to our Just giving page:

Visit Homestarts website here: http://www.home-start.org.uk

Visit Gainsborough’s Homestart face book here: Home-Start Gainsborough

Please donate or share to help us with our charity event. Thanks.

Kat & Torri.