CHD Awarness day, wear RED

This is David Jupp and his story.

David Jupp

Meet David, David was born with a CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) David was diagnosed with TOF (Tetralogy of Fallot) with a Biventricular impairment in his heart. One of many different types of heart conditions.
You can see a full list of different types of Heart conditions here:

David has gone through six surgeries within his lifetime and he is due to have another surgery on his heart in the next 10-15 years.

1983 (Newborn) Left Modified B-T shunt.
1985 (2 years) Right Modified B-T shunt.
1988 (5 years) Repaid of Tetralogy with transannular patch.
2001: Unsuccessful balloon dilation of left pulmonary artery senosis.
2005: Senting of left pulmonary artery senosis.
2007: Pulmonary valve replacement with 21 mm pulmonary homograft for free pulmonary regurgitation and moderate RV dilation with impaired systolic function.

Through his life he suffers with different issues such as:
* Stunted growth and delayed milestones.
* Prone to infections that can be fatal.
* Poor circulation and feeling of cold, especially with hands and feet.
* Feeling of breathlessness with everyday tasks.
* Feeling of exhaustion and getting tiered easily, with a need to nap.
* Scaring from surgery preventing full movement of chest.

There is currently no additional support from the DLA for people suffering from CHD although one in every 100 babies are diagnosed with the condition, meaning in the UK 12 babies a day will be diagnosed with CHD.

Thought his life David has had his CHD, been bullied and in 2012 was slashed on his throat and stabbed 13 times, 11 being on the back and one on the chest including his throat where he spent months in hospital fighting for his life.

David is a true inspiration to others and his advice for those parents with babies that have been diagnosed with CHD is to listen to your body and give your body what it needs but also don’t listen to others who will say you arnt able to achieve much, have faith in yourself, try new things and reach for your dreams!

Today is wear RED for #CHDAWARNESS and this is Davids story, please give this incredible man some support and if you would like to learn more about CHD you can visit:

I have also photographed 3 lovely babies all with heart conditions and will be sharing their stories next week ūüôā
For now, love and light, Victoria. x


January challange

Looking forward to starting the new year by raising money for Charity.

I will be walking a mile a day for 31 days thought January with Kat Czartowski who will be walking 2 miles a day.

We hope to raise money for Homestart Lincolnshire.

You can donate here to our Just giving page:…

Visit Homestarts website here:

Visit Gainsborough’s Homestart face book here: Home-Start Gainsborough

Please donate or share to help us with our charity event. Thanks.

Kat & Torri.

Depression Awareness week 2016

So this week marks Depression awareness week.

I don’t photograph just Bumps, babies and Children I also have a sister site for my Model work, personal projects and misc work such as landscapes and nature. I set my Nocternal Artist Photography up whist at University in 2007 when photography became a huge part of my life.

I have suffered myself from Depression so this project was very personal to me.

_DSC0148 x.jpg

I got to work with my lovely Friend Dominique who’s model name is Evie Louise.

Evie Louise
Inside my mind- Pain in my head. 

We covered the topic of having a calm exterior and screaming in the inside.

Evie Louise
Inside my mind- Where is my mind? 

I took inspiration from my own emotions and life experience as well as Pintrest. I do love my pintrest!

Evie Louise
Inside my mind- Mindless. 

It was great working with Evie because she too has suffered from depression, cared for loved ones with depression and has a family member with Bipolar, so she knows the darkness all too well.

Evie Louise
Inside my mind-Scream. 


Although the water photos was really difficult, but Evie was a great start and was so patient with me. The Bathe tub photos were taken in Natural light.

Evie Louise
Inside my mind- Dissociated 

I wanted to capture real life emotions rather than posed ones, I wanted the images to be realistic. I am really proud of my latest work.

Evie Louise
Inside my mind- Fractured. 

I will definitely be exploring this project more with a range of models, so do stay tuned!

Evie Louise
Inside my mind- Distant. 

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For more information on Mental health and Depression visit Mind.