Why should I choose you? Gainsborough portait photographer

I guess with photography, it’s a service and like most things, so people do like to “shop” around to see what’s the best in quality and price and such like. So why choose me, Victoria Louise Newman?

There are many things that can make a photographer stand out from the crowd and one of them most definitely is training. So what training have I done? In 2014, three years after opening my business and a couple of years after I graduated college, I sought independent training workshops through the UK and have been doing them ever since and it has been the best investment I have done for my business as it’s allowed me to define my style, improve my craft and business skills and overall make me a professional photographer.

So prior to doing this intensive independent photography training, I had done other tuition and learning which of course helped me, from working with children (Especially vital for specializing in working with children and having past training and work experience as well as being a mother myself, this really helps me connect with children and how to handle them, especially dealing with shy children and those with disabilities like Autism)

Here is a list of all training and workshops I have done:

Study and training prior to 2014:

2002/4- NNEB Childcare & Education (North Lindsey collage) 

2006- Young roots: Introduction into photography. 

2007- Art and design level 2: Introduction to Photoshop. 

2007/8- Foundation diploma in Fine art (Derby University) 

2010-  One to one training with Paul Wisher.

2010/12- Creative digital media (North Lindsey collage) 

Independent photography & business training 2014 onwards: 

2014- Marko Numan (Introduction to lightroom)
2014- Tracy Willis (Basic Newborn posing and safety)
2014- Chris Chambers (Wedding photography)
2014- Just pose (Advanced Newborn posing and safety)
2015- Zoe Richards (Business)
2015- Andrew Appleton (Basic studio lighting & Urban portraits)
2016- Lisa McCormick (Location children’s portraits)
2016- Gary Hill (Fine art Children’s portraits)
Continuous online training (Julia Kelleher)

So yes that’s quite a list! And I want to do some more training too! I’d like to use flash and some more business training! This training just allows me fast track my learning and skill and present my business with more profession and this is represented in my work as I have managed to actually win some awards with my photography!

So if you are looking for a photographer, especially a Newborn photographer or a wedding photographer which are such important moments that cannot be re-winded just check with them what training they have done?

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Love and light, Victoria.


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