Why creative personal projects are important…

Every now and again you will find a photographer sending out “Model calls” so what exactly are these and why do photographers do TFP? what is that all about?

Okay so TFP stands for “Time for Print” which means no money is exchanged through hands, instead a photographer will give the person they are photographing images on a disk/USB or digital download instead, the number of images this is depends on the photographer and in turn both parties are responsible for equal effort in travel, studio fees, styling ect This should be properly discussed prior to the photo shoot as both parties will then benefit from the photoshoot.

Why do photographers do TFP? Most new photographers will do this when they are just starting out and learning how to photograph. So the likelihood the photos you will receive won’t be highly professional but an artist must learn their craft first, before they can have a business and have a standard of skill before they can charge for what they do and then a photographer will start their costs off low and raise them as their business grows.

Another reason for an established photographer to photograph TFP is to update their portfolio when they have developed their skills or to try out a new method they want to learn (or have learned) or even model new props and set design that they can then use for advertising.

Thirdly, a photographer who is a true artist must have a “Creative down time” which is when a photographer plans a detailed styled shoot to release their creativity, where they may not be able to in everyday life and this will keep their creativity flowing as lack of creativity and artistic outlet can cause an artist to become stagnant and dislike what they do.

Recently I have had one of these photo shoots, I try and have at least four fully planned artistic photo shoots throughout the year for myself. This one I worked in collaboration with Pauline Loven, a woman I have worked with a few times before. Pauline hand makes authentic period costumes for films. Her work can be seen on “Tell them of Us” which has been aired on TV many times. I also worked with a model Bryony, who I have been working with since 2010 when she was only 15 years old. Since the beginning of my journey bryony has been there and we have made some great work together. Here we have an 18th Century dress photographed in Sudbrook.


I hope you like the photos as much as I do!

You can find Pauline here: http://www.periodcostume.co.uk

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Love and light, Victoria.


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