Your guide to planning your Gainsborough wedding and what’s available/ Gainsborough wedding planning/ Gainsborough wedding vendors

I understand how stressful it can be planning your wedding because I have planned my own wedding and done it all myself. I got engaged December 2010 and married in September 2012, this year I will be celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary!

So let’s have a look at what you need and do first……

  • Get a notebook for your notes to help you keep organized.
  • Think of who you would like as your maid of honor and arrange for her to come round and have a cuppa and wedding chat.
  • Work out your budget, what can you spend, what can you save up ect.
  • Visit Pinterest for ideas and wedding magazines, you can make a “Dream Board” in your notebook or folder.
  • Research wedding planners if you can and want one to help you with your wedding.
  • Think of a few dates, do you want off season or in the season, pick a few just in case they don’t have availability on hat date at your venue.
  • Think about having an engagement party.
  • Consider if you want wedding insurance, just in case anything happens.
  • Arrange a meet up with your married friends so get ideas and advice.


I have previously talked about this, Visit Junes blog entry.


A photographer, yep I hope you choose me! If I’m quite not what you’re looking for, do ask me and I will give you my recommended photographers.


  • Four seasons: Address: 43 Lord Street. Website:
  • Interflora: Address: 28 Marshals Yard.
  • Pink Orchid: Address: 43 Heaton Street.
  • On the high street: Marks & Sparks, Tescos or Co-OP
  • Ebay.


  • Argos: Address: Unit 1, Market Hall, 31-37 Silver Street, Gainsborough.
  • Stanly Hunt Jewelers Address: 26 Beaumont St, Marshalls Yard, Gainsborough. 
  • Anglo Swiss Jewelers:  Adress: 96 Trinity St, Gainsborough.
  • Barns & son: Address: 40 Lord St, Gainsborough. 

Wedding Dress & Bridesmaid dress: 

  • Olvia’s of Gainsborough: 4 Ashcroft Rd, Gainsborough.
  • Browns in Marshall’s yard stock Phaze 8 dresses.
  • Traveling out to Scunthorpe, Lincolns or Brigg.



  • Hickman Hill: Cox’s Hill, Gainsborough.
  • Eastbourne House: 81 Trinty Street, Gainsborough.
  • The white heart hotel: 43 Lords Street, Gainsborough.
  • No 12, Morton Terrace: 12 Morton Terrace, Gainsborough.

Transportation :


  • 1 stop cake shop: The station building, Lea Rd, Gainsborough.
  • Cupcakes: 13b Marshall’s Yard, Beaumont Street, Gainsborough.
  • The Cake Boutique: Ropery Road, Gainsborough.
  • Sweet Ruby J’s:
  • Sarah’s Cakes and Bakes:

Hair and Makeup Artist: 

  • Tiffany Jenkins: Kreative makeup:
  • The Lavender Clinic:
  • Belle Fiore: 3a The pattern store, Marshals Yard, Gainsborough (Behind)
  • Amethyst hair and nails: 98trinityy street, Gainsborough.
  • Hair: Salon 5: 5 Lord Street, Gainsborough.
  • Hair: Stringers: Britiania house, Marshalls Yard, Gainsborough.
  • The Hair Gallery: 6-8 Hickman Street, Gainsborough.
  • Pink Pamper: Hair and Nails: 10 Church street, Gainsborough.
  • The Shearing Shed: 28Caskatestreet, Gainsborough.

I love this in depth planning guide:

Okay, so they are the main key players in town for planning your wedding or event.

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Coping with your newborn, your guide from one mum to the next.

Are you currently expecting a baby, just had a baby even if it’s your 1st or 3rd, having a newborn is hard work in the early weeks so here is some information I have pulled from the web to support and advise you on coping with your newborn.

Coping with physical pains: 

It’s important to understand that your birth may not go as smoothly as you want and you may suffer from some of the following:

  • Stitches (Use a jug of warm water while urinating)
  • infection (Make sure you get antibiotics)
  • Piles (Do not strain, eat plenty of fiber or take some supplements or lactulose to loosen your stools, you can also get Anasol a piles cream to help)
  • After birth pains (In your back or womb)
  • Mastitis (Breastfeeding)
  • Engorgement (When your breasts fill with milk and are particularly sore)
  • Sleep deprivation.
  • C-Section (Do not overdo it because this can lead to having pain in your scar for years to come afterward)
  • Struggling to establish breastfeeding (Its not natural and both you and baby need to learn)
  • Premature baby.
  • Cot death or born sleeping.
  • Baby brain- Forgetfullness (Write everything down, no seriously lists will become your best friend!)

Having a support network: 

Having a good support network is vital for coping with a newborn baby, a newborn baby is extremely challenging as they depend on you for their every need, 24-7. This takes a toll on your health and relationship. So maybe having a close friend or relative over for the first week or 2 could help, especially if you have a c-section or your partner needs to go back to work. You can then work in shifts so you can get some good quality rest, as sleep deprivation can cause some severe issues to your health both mentally and physically. Don’t be surprised in your newborn changing their sleep pattern, this is common. If you can’t have someone to regularly come over, having a friend to talk to in person or online can help you because sometimes having a good chat and cry is all the therapy you need.


Evaluate what is important and what is not and if you are able to nap when your baby is sleeping if you are feeling particularly exhausted or can you just put a load in the washer and sit down for an hour and watch some TV to catch some rest. Try not to control your babies sleep, they need much more sleep than adults and they also sleep lighter, which means they can wake easier. Keeping a baby awake will cause them to become very tired and grouchy, they will be much fussier and this will be more stressful. Co-Sleeping could help your baby feel more relaxed especially in the first 3-4 months as this is like the fourth trimester. Rember safety first though, don’t let them under the covers, place them above your duvet with their own blanket on them, with a pillow by the side of them to stop them rolling off the bed, or wriggling down. Also, don’t sleep next to them if you drink or take drugs and get a babysitter. Unplug your phone and rest your eyes as you feed your baby, get a 10-15 minute rest. Eat well and walk, sounds simple but it’s harder to do but it will really improve your life in the long run.

If you are still feeling extremely weak and exhausted weeks after giving birth, check in with your health visitor as you maybe anemic or suffering from post natal depression and they should help get you the right support and treatment into getting better.

Balancing life: 

Firstly, assess what is the most important in your life! Do you need to dust? No, but you do need to do the dishes, the laundry and put the bins out. Can your friend or relative meet you in town on your good days so you can go out for a walk and coffee, or come to yours if you are having a bad day and have your baby for a couple of hours so you can have a nap. If you are really struggling, visit your local home-start and see what they can do to help you. Work on creating a routine, this will help you feel much more focused and in control when you know what you are doing and your baby will become much more settled as they love routines! It could take up to 6 weeks to establish a good routine.

Yep you know what I’m going to say, the eat well, exercise and try and sleep well because really, it does your mind and body good, we need these essential things. Also, don’t try and do too much, you’re not superwoman and try not to compare to the other mothers around you, they are on their own journey so just focus on yours and doing the best you can. Finding other mums will help, so visit your local baby groups and arrange and go to mummy meetups in your baby-friendly places in your town so you can talk, because staying at home all day can become very lonely and exhausting to some and chatting with like-minded mums can help ease any anxieties or questions you may have.

Don’t forget your “me time” even if that is just having a bubble bath or watching your favorite chick flick, because the demands of motherhood are so tough, trying to do it all perfectly will drive you mad! So if you need to go take a minute, ensure your baby is safe (Put them in their cot) and stand outside for 5 minutes to center yourself or call someone. You are not alone, so accept help when it’s offered to you and ask for it- There is absolutely no shame in it whatsoever. You were born to be real, not perfect.

  • Postpone draining events. Look after yourself.
  • Batch cook on your good days and freeze them for your bad days.
  • Keep your nappy bag packed, do it everytime you get back home.
  • Set attainable goals, sometimes getting a shower will be the best you can do.

Your relationship: 

Having a newborn baby is very tiring for a relationship as there is so much demand on bringing up your newborn as best as you can and juggling, work, and life. Tag teaming is really important so that you are both equally doing your bit, however, this does take a toll when you don;t have much time together, so once you have a good routine going you can schedule all important date nights. Don’t put these off or to the side, maintaining your relationship is hard work.

Accept help, it’s okay to struggle and it’s okay to ask, you are not meant to be perfect so if you are struggling with your partner or if he isn’t pulling his weight then have a good sit down and chat with him.

Baby care: 

So creating a parenting plan will help you, doing this you will need some time and resources so spend some time looking up information on the web or at your local library, having an educated knowledge of different parenting methods will hep you understand how you want to raise your baby and also basic care needs such as what to do when your baby has colic or a nappy rash. Be flexible because you may come across obstacles that will push you to your limits or won’t work for you, sometimes it really is down to trial and error. Keeping a baby diary or logging things onto an app on your phone will help you keep track of your medicines or when you have fed your baby or when they have slept, so you can best decide what to do next.

Embrace the chaos! 

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Coping with Pregnancy, your guide from one mum to the next.

Whether this is your very first baby or even fifth, pregnancy is hard for some mothers, while others breeze through it others can be hospitalized. So I have dug deep throughout the internet and books to find the most relevant tips on coping with your pregnancy.


Particularly in the first trimester, tiredness is a huge problem pregnant women face due to the huge pressure of growing a baby, so if you feel like you need to take a nap and you can, do it! A happy and healthy mummy is a healthy and happy baby, so listen to your body and slow down if you need to! Can you ask family or friends to help out, hire a cleaner for an hour or 2 a week just to lighten the load a little? Go to bed earlier, sometimes little things can make a huge difference. Treat yourself, having a massage can really do the trick sometimes to reduce stress and help you relax a little.


This is another one that gets most women, in fact, Nausea and sickness can hospitalize some pregnant women so it’s really important to try and keep hydrated. Eat small meals, frequently throughout the day to keep your blood sugar levels up and stay away from any harmful food that can cause bloating such as spicy foods and fast foods. Most women say ginger really helps them so a few ginger biscuits with your morning coffee can be a hit.  Making a diary of when you feel sick can help chart your good hours and you can plan your activities,  social and eat during that time. If you lose more that 5% of your body weight, then you must let your Midwife know. See if your partner can help tidy and reorganize the house to minimize odors that trigger you, if you have pets, you may need to clean them out more frequently as your smell will be heightened during your pregnancy. Avoid foods pate, soft cheeses, eggs, peanuts, and liver as these are particular foods that can cause harm during pregnancy. While you are out and about you can carry a little “Sick kit” with some wet wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, nappy bags, boiled sweets and bottled water, for just in case you may need it as it;s better to be prepared than be caught out.

Sore breasts: 

Yet another lovely symptom of pregnancy is sore breasts, so when you’re in the house don;t wear your bra and buy a nice soft fabric bra that is not underwired or padded just for comfort.

Mood swings: 

Some women experience mood swings, some don’t like their partner touching them at all during this period in their life and this can cause a strain on the relationship. Sitting down with your partner and having a good one to one talk with them about all your feelings will help them try and understand the difficulties you are going through. If you feel like you have depression, then telling your midwife is really important so you can go through the right channels to receive appropriate treatment. It doesn’t make you a bad mother if you have a thunderstorm of crazy thoughts and emotions. Do try and keep your stress levels down, it really isn;t good for you mentally or physically.

Becoming single: 

Unfortunately, sometimes this can happen and what a scary time to be having a baby and having to cope on your own, from your first or if you have other children this is going to be a challenging time so it’s important that you reach out for support from the people you trust during this time. Gingerbread is an association that helps single parent families, so it maybe a good idea to meet up with other single mums and make a support network especially if you have limited family to help you. Try and keep as healthy as you can to combat the signs of stress, eat well though you may not have an appetite and exercise by walking, swimming or a pregnancy yoga class. Finding that balance is difficult, but in the long run it will help smooth things out.

Money or becoming homeless: 

Nothing worse to be held stranded, but sometimes unfortunate things help, here is where your local council can help you out. Find your local citizen’s advice to get some advice on what government and private associations is available and they maybe able to point you in the right direction to what benefits you are entitled to. Your Local Jobcentre you can apply for a crisis loan. Preparing for your birth will help you keep focused, aiming to do power walking for some exercise and see what anti- natal classes are available for you, this will help you meet other mums to be and give you lots of support. Visit your local home start for added support and see what groups are running at your local sure start community center. Evaluate your immediate needs, what you completely need to survive and work on them first, secondly work through your emotions.

Evaluate your immediate needs, what you completely need to survive and work on them first, secondly work through your emotions do you need extra support and an assessment to the mental health services, just to help you manage your emotions during this difficult time. there is no shame if you do; it’s much better to have a healthy mum and baby than a struggling mum, be safe! Talk about your feelings, don’t bottle them up because sooner or later you’ll explode and that could be messy! Lastly, educate yourself and create a support network to get you through this dark time, because “this too shall pass”

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Gainsborough’s top 4 celebration venues, planning your Gainsborough wedding.

So your planning your wedding or child’s christening, birthday party and what are the best venues in town?

1- The Maltings bar. 

Address: 2B Lea Rd, Gainsborough DN21 1LW
They have a facebook page:
The venues sports a riverside view, catering and multi rooms to choose from, with beautiful rustic decor.

2- The western rooms

Address: 20 Hickman St, Gainsborough DN21 2DZ
Close to the center of town, although this venue has no windows so it is a little dark. The decor is traditional.

3-  Gainsborough Golf Club 

Address: Gainsborough Golf Club, Belt Road. Thonock, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 1PZ

phone: 01427 613088



This venue sports a late license for a bar, lovely scenery of the golf course, a large car parking facility and can facilitate up to 300 people.

4- Morton Village Hall 

Address: Walkerith Road, Morton, Lincolnshire, DN21 3AL

Phone: 01427 610130
Contact: Mr P Robinson
This venue is lovely and light, it’s large with a facility to hold up to 300 people although there is no bar so you will have to order one in.
I have personally been in and also photographed in all the venues and I have had a lovely experience in each one.
There also is the Gainsborough Old Hall for a truly unique venue, within the center of town.
So I hope you find this useful in planning your wedding or event.
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Top 4 Wedding Venues in Gainsborough, Planning your Gainsborough wedding.

So since we are approaching the wedding season I thought I’d do a little blog post on the Local places to get married.

Traditional Churches: 

1- Gainsborough Methodist Church.

Address:  24-26 Silver St, Gainsborough DN21 2DP

Call: 01427 612913

Rev. Louise Carr
☏ 01427 615184

Here is a photo of inside the church:

Laura & Daniles wedding (02.11.13)

This church is based in the center of town and there are no gardens as such for photos to be taken, however, there is the Gainsborough’s old hall only a 2-3 minute walk from the venue with beautiful gardens and scenery to have photos taken at.

The church is has a more modern interior with chairs rather than pews and sports a blue carpet and backdrop.

2- All Saints Parish Church

Address: Church Street, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 2JR.

Revd Canon Michael Cooney
Priest in Charge
Tel: 01427 679407

Here is a photo of inside the church:

Emilie's Christening

This church has a very grand look, high ceilings and beautifully decorated, it has its own garden for photos.

3- St Pauls Morton

Address: 10-16 Front St, Morton, Gainsborough DN21 3
St Paul’s church is linked to the Parsh Church.
Although a very traditional church inside and rather dark, there is some lovely garden space for photographs and a field next to the church for a  group photo.

Non church Venues: 

4- Gainsborough registry office:

Address: Richmond House, Richmond Park, Morton Terrace, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 2RJ

Tel: 01522 782244


This venue is on the grounds of an amazing and beautiful park, perfect for your photos.

Alison and Davids weddingAlison and Davids weddingAlison and Davids weddingAlison and Davids wedding


Gainsborough Old Hall. 

This venue is a Grade 1 listed medieval building but sports a unique place to get married, please note it doesn’t have a bar so you will have to order one in.

Address: Parnell St, Gainsborough,  Lincolnshire DN21 2NB

Call: 01522 554559

Wedding venues outside of town:

1- Hemswell Court.

Adress: Lancaster Green, Hemswell Cliff, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 5TQ


Hemswell Court is a beautiful venue that can supply the whole wedding from ceremony to bar and hotel rooms. The venue holds up to 200 guests and can cater up to 160 guests with 24 bedrooms.

2- White Heather.

Adress: Caenby Corner, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN8 2AT
This venue has 3 acres of beautiful grounds with a bar and all year round markee, fully licensed to perform weddings this venue can facilitate all your needs. 
3- Best Western – West Retford Hotel.
Adress: 24 North Road, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 7XG.
Can cater for up to 160 people, fully licensed to perform weddings with full facilities of rooms, bar, car park for your wedding day. 
4- Doddington Hall.

Address: Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN6 4RU

 This venue has superb grounds around the Elizabethan building, with a variety of function rooms to choose from and a full service as a fully licenced wedding venue. 

I hope this gives you a little insite to what’s available locally for your wedding.

Next week I will visit party venues.

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Why should I choose you? Gainsborough portait photographer

I guess with photography, it’s a service and like most things, so people do like to “shop” around to see what’s the best in quality and price and such like. So why choose me, Victoria Louise Newman?

There are many things that can make a photographer stand out from the crowd and one of them most definitely is training. So what training have I done? In 2014, three years after opening my business and a couple of years after I graduated college, I sought independent training workshops through the UK and have been doing them ever since and it has been the best investment I have done for my business as it’s allowed me to define my style, improve my craft and business skills and overall make me a professional photographer.

So prior to doing this intensive independent photography training, I had done other tuition and learning which of course helped me, from working with children (Especially vital for specializing in working with children and having past training and work experience as well as being a mother myself, this really helps me connect with children and how to handle them, especially dealing with shy children and those with disabilities like Autism)

Here is a list of all training and workshops I have done:

Study and training prior to 2014:

2002/4- NNEB Childcare & Education (North Lindsey collage) 

2006- Young roots: Introduction into photography. 

2007- Art and design level 2: Introduction to Photoshop. 

2007/8- Foundation diploma in Fine art (Derby University) 

2010-  One to one training with Paul Wisher.

2010/12- Creative digital media (North Lindsey collage) 

Independent photography & business training 2014 onwards: 

2014- Marko Numan (Introduction to lightroom)
2014- Tracy Willis (Basic Newborn posing and safety)
2014- Chris Chambers (Wedding photography)
2014- Just pose (Advanced Newborn posing and safety)
2015- Zoe Richards (Business)
2015- Andrew Appleton (Basic studio lighting & Urban portraits)
2016- Lisa McCormick (Location children’s portraits)
2016- Gary Hill (Fine art Children’s portraits)
Continuous online training (Julia Kelleher)

So yes that’s quite a list! And I want to do some more training too! I’d like to use flash and some more business training! This training just allows me fast track my learning and skill and present my business with more profession and this is represented in my work as I have managed to actually win some awards with my photography!

So if you are looking for a photographer, especially a Newborn photographer or a wedding photographer which are such important moments that cannot be re-winded just check with them what training they have done?

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Why creative personal projects are important…

Every now and again you will find a photographer sending out “Model calls” so what exactly are these and why do photographers do TFP? what is that all about?

Okay so TFP stands for “Time for Print” which means no money is exchanged through hands, instead a photographer will give the person they are photographing images on a disk/USB or digital download instead, the number of images this is depends on the photographer and in turn both parties are responsible for equal effort in travel, studio fees, styling ect This should be properly discussed prior to the photo shoot as both parties will then benefit from the photoshoot.

Why do photographers do TFP? Most new photographers will do this when they are just starting out and learning how to photograph. So the likelihood the photos you will receive won’t be highly professional but an artist must learn their craft first, before they can have a business and have a standard of skill before they can charge for what they do and then a photographer will start their costs off low and raise them as their business grows.

Another reason for an established photographer to photograph TFP is to update their portfolio when they have developed their skills or to try out a new method they want to learn (or have learned) or even model new props and set design that they can then use for advertising.

Thirdly, a photographer who is a true artist must have a “Creative down time” which is when a photographer plans a detailed styled shoot to release their creativity, where they may not be able to in everyday life and this will keep their creativity flowing as lack of creativity and artistic outlet can cause an artist to become stagnant and dislike what they do.

Recently I have had one of these photo shoots, I try and have at least four fully planned artistic photo shoots throughout the year for myself. This one I worked in collaboration with Pauline Loven, a woman I have worked with a few times before. Pauline hand makes authentic period costumes for films. Her work can be seen on “Tell them of Us” which has been aired on TV many times. I also worked with a model Bryony, who I have been working with since 2010 when she was only 15 years old. Since the beginning of my journey bryony has been there and we have made some great work together. Here we have an 18th Century dress photographed in Sudbrook.


I hope you like the photos as much as I do!

You can find Pauline here:

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